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Welcome to EtonHouse Pre-School, run by the EtonHouse International Education Group headquartered in Singapore. Singapore is beautiful city replete with scenic surroundings of the sea, amidst abundant greenery. It is also a city that prides itself in providing high quality education that adheres to international best practice.

Our school imbibes these qualities of Singapore’s education experience. The campus is situated in the midst of natural surroundings. Our teachers are friendly, dedicated and hardworking, equipped with the knowledge and skills to run an international pre-school. They are also trained in administering first aid to children. We respect children as active, competent and curious individuals and encourage them to learn through exploration.

The EtonHouse schools have a large diversity in terms of students’ and teachers’ nationalities and cultural backgrounds.  Our schools celebrate this diversity that weaves richness into our programme. This also lays the foundation for empathy and a deep rooted understanding of other languages, cultures and traditions thus helping build international mindedness amongst our global learners.

Although our main language of communication is English, we lay great emphasis on the Chinese language and culture. We believe in offering an integrated programme that encourages an understanding of culture and tradition. This makes the language acquisition process more holistic and meaningful.  Every child in EtonHouse is offered a variety of cultural experiences while learning a language.

We believe in working closely with families. Parents are a child’s first and most enduring teachers. Our programme therefore allows several opportunities throughout the year for parents to collaborate, contribute and add richness to the learning experiences both in school and at home. We also believe in sharing information about the teaching and learning in school through a variety of communication channels. With frequent and meaningful communication with parents, we hope to enrich the learning in school and at home while ensuring consistency and adding value to the experiences.

EtonHouse strongly believes in inculcating a sense of social and environmental responsibility amongst young children. We lay emphasis on the use of recycled materials as learning resources and encourage parents and children to be creative and responsible in the use of materials keeping in mind our responsibility towards the world in which we live.

Children do not learn in isolation. They are a part of a complex labyrinth of society and the larger community that plays a role in their learning. We therefore plan our learning experiences in collaboration with this immediate community of museums, art facilities, zoos and libraries to name a few.

We strongly believe in the environment as being the third teacher. The school therefore has thoughtfully designed classrooms and a creative and well equipped environment that is inspired by international best practice. The children thus have access to a variety of learning experiences and an integrated and holistic environment.


Dale Carnegie, the famous writer one said ‘people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing’. It is our endeavour to offer an environment to the children, staff and parents at EtonHouse that is happy and engaging, one that continuously strives to excel, is full of wonder and possibilities, where we all work collaboratively towards the common goal of excellence and leadership in educational practice.

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