EtonHouse International Pre-School

The EtonHouse International Pre-School, advice integrated within the overall residential development of Suzhou 133: Baitang One in the new CBD of Suzhou, dosage provides a high quality, inspiring environment for early childhood education. The design concept is based on the famous children’s classic: Jack and Beanstalk, using vines, leaves and beans as the architectural and landscape design elements.

The pre-school offers an international research based programme delivered by highly qualified teaching staff. The curriculum is derived from the renowned EtonHouse programme that is currently offered in 9 countries across more than 70 campuses in Asia.

With a total building area of 4717 m², the kindergarten has a capacity of around 480 children. With direct access to the main road, the campus is organized along a central circulation spine, with branches of classroom blocks spreading out from both sides and enclosing a variety of courtyards. A three-storey building, consisting of a reception and administration area and teacher offices is located at the north of the complex. The other six blocks consist of the classrooms, multimedia room and library and are arranged along the central corridor spine running from the north to the south.

The main entrance is a 2 storey high portico, giving the school a grand and welcoming presence. The southern orientation of the “classroom beans” is designed to catch maximum daylight. And in between the “classroom beans”, a series of public and semi-public courtyards of various themes will offer children an integrated and holistic learning environment. Located at the south of the complex is the common playground for outdoor learning.

The shape of the classroom block is designed to look like “story book”. In the elevation design, horizontal planes are emphasized to associate with the pages of the book. This beautiful and thoughtfully considered learning space will offer a high quality international programme for children from 18 months to 6 years of age.

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September 11, 2015


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